Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Wood Brothers (Lowell, MA 7/9/15)

Although this blog will travel through concerts past, I thought the best place to start would be the present and cover the first band to give me photo coverage, The Wood Brothers. So first of all, thank you Oliver, Chris, and Jano for taking a chance on someone with no previous published work.

The Wood Bro.'s were scheduled to play the outdoor venue Boarding House Park but the weather would push the show across the street into the auditorium of Lowell High School. Although an outdoor show would have been nice, the band and the crowd made the best of it. Actually, it might have been a fitting venue, since the band took us to school with their amazing musicianship, melodies, and harmonies.

Whether it's their foot stompin' Who the Devil, or their popular ballad, The Muse, The Wood Brothers controlled the stage and had complete awe over the crowd.

The band took the night from a high school assembly to what felt like a church service playing their rendition of the gospel song, Angel Band. Personally that's one of my favorite songs they play, and was actually one of the first songs I heard from them about 8 years ago when I first discovered them. The crowd joined in for a sing-a-long when the band started playing their popular song, Luckiest Man.

The band shuffled through their catalog quite well, playing a variety of songs from all their albums, Ways Not to Lose, Loaded, Up Above My Head, Smoke Ring Halo, and The Muse.

I was able to capture some (what I think are) pretty good photos throughout the night from standing on the side of the stage. And by standing, I mean dancing along and singing all the songs while trying to remember I was there to also take pictures.

The pictures below will show Chris Wood playing the upright bass and harmonica, Oliver Wood playing acoustic and electric guitar, and Jano Rix playing drums, "shuitar", among other instruments.





The Wood Brothers and myself after the show

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